Orlando Owen

A Guide To Understanding Women

With this issue, all generations of men confronted for centuries. So far, no one seems to have found the answer.

And that, although it certainly in the last centuries the other really clever mind has given. The first engine was built, discovered electricity, the number calculated up to the number of God knows how many, there have been incredible works of art created, split atoms, the Internet was invented, used mobile phones…

“What women want” should an unresolved question remain? To equate with “What is the meaning of life” and “Why are we here”? This can’t be. “What do women want” is rather to consider fixed term that is imposed on us for generations, when a woman behaves not so as you would expect of her as a rhetorical question. Some equate the term “Men are pigs” and here we come to the first answer to “who” is really not that hard to answer.

Question, “What do women want?” not to be generalized. No woman likes to hear this question, whether in the military or in dry discussions. It implies the Urauffassung of the man by the woman as mysterious and complicated beings and makes back the individuality of each woman in the background and what women do not want? Put back into their uniqueness.

What women want to be?

Closely with the generalization problem of “what do women want” question in the context also the question is then, how women want to be considered. Let’s not deceive us by the preceding words. Even though it is exactly the stereotype generalization, women want to be mysterious. But not complicated.

A good word is mysterious not complicated. ‘Mysterious’ implies a certain conquest will that be triggered when the man is radiated erotic, a beauty “stand above everything”, a ‘be interesting’. ‘Complicated’ means uptight, stressful, not worth the trouble. In this sense the question is “what do women do” to answer very clearly: worth the effort quickly, mysterious. For a very specific reason: almost no woman is straightforward. Almost no woman holds even for mysterious and almost every woman is afraid that one considers them not “Worth the effort” and women are not stupid. It is not enough to keep these facts in mind and to pretend but anyone who brings real appreciation to a woman as an individual, who has won almost.

What women of life?

To fully answer the question “What do women want”, you have to still continue to be free, to emphasize the differences between men and women and instead look for the commonalities. That is the problem, so to speak the wedge between the male and the female world.

It should be no matter the essence of women in what situation whatever may seem like highly complicated mainly in the field of life planning -, these commonalities in mind, find similarities. To find out what women of life want, you should ask yourself exactly one: what do I want from life? Normally this is: a good job, a loving relationship, a bit of luck, enough money, maybe children, good friends and a beautiful life. Something almost everyone wants, also women.

Only man should opt for the answers to these questions in mind, that all this more difficult to achieve is for women than for men. Women of childbearing age are reluctant. Women are taken by many employers no matter what the official policy is stones in pregnancy planning in the way. Women have children. Women are not equally paid. Women are less frequently found in high positions. Women are aware of this. So it should be men. “What women want” is accordingly clear to answer with “Equality” in this sense and a man gives a woman best the feeling that he wishes the same for them if he actually does it.

What do women of a man?

The question “What do women of a man” is closely related to the “want to women be what” and the “what want women of life” question connected. The answer is multi-faceted and complex. Women want a man who is viewed as an individual, who values them and turns right and a woman wants to feel that. Therefore, it is essential to be mindful. Attention is the key to everything and that goes not only for women, can so completely detached from the “what do women” lump-sum question be considered.

Real attention is not input to the important questions of life (“what are your goals”, “Where do you work”, “what are your hobbies”, etc.), but rather really emotionally present with the wife to be. Who’s listening to a woman, who should really listen to?

Why are women not by a man?

If it sounds too paradox: too much attention.

Women who like space and even if it’s a flat statement that “what women want” in the discussion should be avoided: women like any man who are too nice. It is always much to find the right balance. A woman wants to Princess be put on a pedestal, showered with attention, Yes but not always. Too much attention is poison. Because as a woman herself wants to be competitive, so she want to themselves not to easily have’s.

A man, who never shows the cold shoulder of a woman, is quickly uninteresting. In the search for the balance between attention and cold shoulder man should listen to his feeling. Compromises are okay, regulations do not. Who wants to go out with his buddies, who would do that no matter what will the girlfriend. Who would like to meet again alone with his ex-girlfriend, who should consider yet again good that even someone who is in love and wants to be nothing more than with the woman of his life together, both head over who should make up at least, that he wants to be me alone, to stay interesting.

What do women now? That, this question of the vocabulary is deleted more important is the question, “What will this woman” and this must be found out each time.