Orlando Owen

Approaching Women: She Feels What You Think

I’m often paid to speak at events that teach guys how to create better relationships. When I accept the offer to speak, at some point during my talk I like to do a demonstration with two volunteers: one male and one female. The demonstration illustrates how a man’s thoughts affect a woman’s response to him. I start by bringing a guy up from the audience. Let’s call him “Frank.”

When Frank gets on stage – without the audience hearing it – I whisper in his ear the following: “You’re going to select a woman from the audience you think is attractive.” Then I announce to the audience our friend is going to select a woman from the group that he’s never met before. Frank scans the group, sees a lovely woman, points to her and she gets up to join us on the stage. Let’s call her, “Lillian.”

Then, I direct Lillian to stand on one side of the stage and Frank to stand on the other. I ask Lillian to turn her back to the crowd, Frank and me. Then I whisper in the Frank’s ear again: “In a moment I’m going to get you to introduce yourself to her… But before you go, think about what it would be like to have sex with her right now. Think about how her ass would pop out from those jeans and how it would feel cupped in your hand. Think about how it would feel to suck on her tongue and grab her body. Think about how it would feel to penetrate her… Are you thinking of that?” He nods “yes.”

I then address everyone in the room to pay very close attention. I say, “Lillian, you can turn around now. Frank, in a moment I’m going to ask you to introduce yourself to Lillian. All you’re going to do is walk up to her, shake her hand and say ‘Hi, my name’s Frank.’ You’re then going to walk back to where you are now. You got it?” He nods. “OK, Frank, introduce yourself.”

What happens next almost always happens in exactly the same way.

The moment Frank begins to approach Lillian, she is physically repelled backward. Her body literally begins to lean back and she folds her arms in front of her chest or places them in her pocket. When he says, “Hi, my name’s Frank.” She does the absolute minimum to reply. It’s clear that Lillian feels uncomfortable in Frank’s presence. I look to the audience and ask the females in the room to stand. I ask a couple of them how they felt when Frank approached Lillian. The answers are virtually unanimous: “I felt creeped out.”

The point of my live demonstration is to show the audience how men’s thoughts and intentions are broadcast from their mind into the minds of women. The guy doesn’t even need to say anything. Woman can pick up creepy vibes without you needing to utter a word. Also, those thoughts don’t need to be focused toward sexual outcomes either. Guys who place too much pressure on finding “The One,” come off as desparate and needy, and are equally as repulsive.

Your Intentions When You Are Approaching A Woman Make All The Difference

If you hold intentions toward women that are fuelled by lust, resentment, entitlement, attachment, anger, guilt, fear or hatred: those intentions overshadow EVERY interaction you have with them. That’s why cheesy pick-up strategies like scripts, clothes and props don’t work for most guys. They attempt to use those strategies without first addressing their inner-game issues with women.

It’s like spraying perfume onto rotten eggs and expecting the stench to disappear. For a moment the perfume covers up the funk. Then it creeps back in, making the place reek like rotten egg perfume. The only solution to get rid of that smell is to dispose of the eggs. That’s the very art of Inner-Game; when you’ve fully released impure intentions and “blocks” from your mind, you to stop doing pick-up (spraying perfume on rotten eggs) and you start being attractive to women… And the three parts of Authentic Male Power are the fastest way I know to eliminate those mental blocks, and replace them with supportive mindsets.

What Is Authentic Male Power?

The sadness and guilt I felt while reflecting on how much I dishonored and manipulated females for sex caused me to confront some hard-to-ask questions like:

  • “What makes a real man?”
  • What criteria need to be true in order for you to call yourself a Man?
  • How do you transition from being a little boy to access your true masculine power?
  • What makes a man of honor and greatness?

The answers lead me to Authentic Male Power (AMP). Think of AMP as an amplifier that, when you turn it on, you become like a magnet for the people, circumstances and things you want in your life.

The benefits of AMP go far beyond just getting laid. It makes you a successful man. It puts you in a position where you’re at cause of your reality, instead of being at effect to it. It enables you to truly win friends and influence people, as Dale Carnegie wrote.

If you want to direct your AMP toward sex… My friend… When you step into your Authentic Male Power, sex becomes as natural to you as the sun rises in the East. It’s a given. Likewise, if you want to direct your AMP toward a committed, long-term relationship with a woman you’re in love with, it will work to achieve that as well.

The Dials On Your AMP

There are three gages that enable you cultivate and increase your Authentic Male Power. Think of them like dials on an amplifier. When you increase the tone on any one of those dials it will impact the other two dial’s tone, while also changing the output from your AMP in a positive way. Those three dials are:

  1. Self-Esteem.
  2. Masculinity
  3. Vision and Purpose.

In the Article “Alpha Male Traits: With Women, Business & Life” I’m going to give you a brief overview of what each dial does. Read more about the 3 Traits here…