Alpha Male Power With A Woman
Orlando Owen

The 3 Most Important Traits That Enable You To Become An Alpha Male

There are three gages that enable you cultivate and increase your Authentic Male Power and become an Alpha Male.

Think of them like dials on an amplifier. When you increase the tone on any one of those dials it will impact the other two dial’s tone, while also changing the output from your Authentic Male Power in a positive way. Those three dials are:

  1. Self-Esteem.
  2. Masculinity
  3. Vision and Purpose.

I’m going to give you a brief overview now of what each dial does. In the ReMasculation™ E-Mail Training, I will also break its different parts down and give you a list of suggestions to improve that dial’s benefit to you and your Authentic Male Power. 

Dial #1: Self-Esteem

Self-esteem works for your mind and emotions similar to how your immune system protects your body from disease. In fact I call self-esteem, “the immune system of your soul.”

When your self-esteem is high it protects you from mental, emotional and psychological suffering that external circumstances attempt to impose. For instance if a woman rejects your request for her phone number (a potentially negative external circumstance); with a high self-esteem you wouldn’t question your value as a person. You’d simply move on and think nothing of it. If you had a low self-esteem, that same rejection could devastate you emotionally for days.

Dial #2: Masculinity

Masculinity has two parts. The first is our natural genetic emphasis on three things: Defend, Breed and Feed. These are biological predispositions.

We defend what is ours (or attack to get what we want).
We initiate sex (it’s our duty to approach a woman and it is us who penetrates her).
We feed our family (think of ancient times where the men went out and killed a buffalo for the tribe).

Notice how I said Masculinity is our natural genetic emphasis. I did not say those traits are exclusive to men. Woman can demonstrate those same characteristics, yet they are wired into us as a higher ratio in the core of our being. In the ReMasculation™ E-Mail Training, I will take you far beyond these three instincts and show you a higher version of what masculinity actually is.

Dial #3: Vision & Purpose

In the song Era Vulgaris, Queens of The Stone Age sang, “I play a game till I’m dead, or on a magazine.”

Vision & Purpose is more than having a list of goals. It’s a deep-seeded understanding of what you’re meant to do with your life. It’s your ability to say, “This is what is important for me in my life. This is where I’m going. Here’s how I’m going to get there. I’m doing it, that’s it, period. If anything attempts to stop me, I will either beat it, or die trying.”

It’s said the most wealthiest place on Earth is the graveyard because that’s where so many ideas are buried that never became real. Ask 100 men at random what their life’s purpose is and see how few give you a solid answer. Hell, ask them what their goals are for the next 90 days and the result is basically the same.

Such a small percentage of men know what makes them “tick.” They’re just going along to get along, and will die having never pursued something that was meaningful to their spiritual development.

The man who knows what he wants, and actively pursues it, is attractive to the people – not just women – he’s attractive to any person he comes in contact with. Vision and purpose is critical to you success and I’ll show you some simple methods for locking it into your life.

The Art Of Full Volume Living

In Bangkok, Thailand there was a large clay statue of Buddha that fell on the floor while the monks were trying to transport it. A crack on the side revealed gold under the clay. It turns out the Buddha was not made of clay. It was actually made from 5.5 tons (5,500 kilograms) of pure gold.

When you AMPlify your Self-Esteem, Masculinity and Vision/Purpose, what you’re really doing is expressing the truest version of your Self. You’re allowing the most authentic version of YOU to come to the surface. That’s what you present to the world. It’s your most attractive, bright and valuable Self. In less than 3 seconds of being in your presence, a woman will feel something inside themselves they can’t explain. They just know: “This guy is different from the others, and I want to be around him because he makes me feel safe.” Women don’t feel those feelings when you’re doing cheesy pick-up tactics, they feel those feelings when you’re being your most authentic, powerful self.

Which Alpha Male Trait Are You Lacking In?

The easiest way to solve a problem is to define what causes it to occur in the first place. I’ve found by simply defining which external forces cause men to have poor Game is the only “therapy” required to solve their relationship issues. They become aware of the problem and for some reason that awareness is all they needed to overcome their challenges.

The only reason it persisted was because they wouldn’t face it.

So, before we dive deep into the three parts of Authentic Male Power (Self Esteem, Masculinity & Vision/Purpose), I want to expand on some of the main factors that cause relationship “blocks”.

I’ll define the main dating and relationship challenges males (on average) experience. I’ll also dive deep into what causes those challenges.

Think of this as a self-diagnosis tool. Meaning, as you read on, do your best to reflect on what you hear, and then see which examples apply to your situation.

The more aware you are of your specific challenges the faster you can tailor my strategies in later chapters to solve them.

Following The Followers

Bob is the manager at an auto manufacturing plant. Every morning as he walks on the main street of his town. He sets the time on his wristwatch to a large grandfather clock resting in the window in the clockmaker’s shop. When 4:59PM rolls around, Bob waits until his wristwatch hits 5PM and pulls the steam whistle for the workers to go home. Bob does this same routine every weekday for 20 years.

One morning the clockmaker is outside sweeping the sidewalk in front of the shop. The clockmaker looks at Bob as he approaches and says; “ For the last twenty years I’ve seen you set your wristwatch to my grandfather clock in my window.” Bob replies, “Certainly. I work over at the car plant and need to make sure I blow that steam whistle precisely at 5PM to let our employees out.”

“Well that’s interesting,” the clockmaker says, “Every evening at 5PM for the last twenty years, I’ve set my grandfather clock to the sound of that steam whistle.”

Your Enemy Is Your Conformity

I recently saw a video of a social experiment that illustrates the power of conformity. A woman walks into a doctor’s office for her appointment. When she arrives there are seven people (all of whom are in on the experiment) sitting in the waiting area sitting in silence.

Less than a minute past her arrival, a bell rings and the seven people stand up in unison without saying a word. The woman looks perplexed. Another bell rings about ten seconds later and the seven people sit down. No one says anything. No one looks at each other. A few moments later the bell rings again and the seven people stand and look as if nothing is unusual. Again, the woman stares in disbelief. Her motions back and forth, hesitating between whether she should stand or remain seated.

The second bell rings. Everyone sits. The woman looks relieved. Finally… One of the seven people gets called into the doctor’s office for their appointment. Now there’s six people sitting down, plus the woman.

The bell rings. This time the woman stands. The video zooms to the expression on her face, which looks awkward and a little embarrassed. You can tell, the woman doesn’t know why she’s standing. The second bell rings and the whole group sits. Another person is called into the doctor’s office. The cycle of standing and sitting continues until the woman is the only person in the waiting room. The bell rings and the woman stands all by herself.

Breaking Free From Conformity

Humans – both men and women – are biologically wired to conform to The Group. In his song Working Class Hero, John Lennon voiced, “You think you’re so clever, classless and free. But you’re still fucking peasants as far as I can see.”

Lennon’s words may sound harsh and condescending, yet how many people go to college strictly on the basis that their parents told them to?

How many married couples want to divorce yet stay together because they don’t want to tell their friends and family?

How many men remain in careers they hate for fear their coworkers won’t accept their new course of action?

The number of people through the course of history who’ve compromised their wants due to social conformity is in the billions.

Even NASA isn’t immune to conformity. In her book, “The Challenger Launch Decision,” Diane Vaughan defines a term called normalization of deviance (aka “smart person conformity”). She said normalization of deviance is: “The gradual process through which unacceptable practices or standards become acceptable. As the deviant behavior is repeated without catastrophic results, it becomes the social norm for the organization.”

Being prone to conform to others doesn’t have to be a bad thing. While in pursuit of Absolute Freedom From Social Influence (in capital letters) we can conform to people achieving the things we want for ourselves. You may have heard the phrase used in regard to money: “your net worth is the equivalent to the average of your 5 closest associates.”

From what I’ve noticed personally that is a fairly accurate statement. The principle also transcends money and applies to dating, relationships and seduction too. It’s a type of positive conformity that enables you to get what you want. If the majority of your friends, associates or mentors are guys who aren’t effective at seduction, then you’ll model their ineffectiveness.

It’s like Bob and the Clockmaker; the woman in the waiting room; John Lennon’s peasants, and the people who designed NASA’s Challenger… Inevitably, you’ll end up with results you don’t want.

In addition, if you’re surrounding yourself with guys who aren’t effective with women, often they’re jealous when you do start to improve your game. To be clear: I’m not saying to dump all your friends. I’m saying to make sure the people you surround yourself are supportive and want to see you win.

Likewise, you should have their back too. The more positive energy you place into the idea “guys like me get the type women we want,” the more normal (and real) those experiences become.

Forms Of Media Emasculation

"If You're Nice, Eventually She’ll Like You"

A Nice Guy with a steady job falls in love with a sexy woman who’s clearly out of his league. He showers her with gifts and compliments. They spend a lot of time together sharing laughs, walking on the beach and talking in jazz bars.

Nice Guy attempts to kiss Sexy Woman but she pulls back and says: “I just want to be friends.” Rejected and dismayed, Nice Guy acts like it’s totally cool and he understands.

Sexy woman meets nice guy’s boss, Mr. Douche, who invites her to his house. Mr. Douche seduces her and they begin a relationship.

Not too long after, Mr. Douche proposes to Sexy Woman, to which she accepts. Nice guy and Sexy Woman get in an argument about her decision. They part ways, yet both miss each other. Sad music plays while each looks at pictures of the past. Nice guy shows up at wedding reception and delivers a speech about why Sexy Women should not take on the Douche last name. She breaks off the wedding and marries Nice Guy. The End.

We’ve all seen that movie before, haven’t we? It’s the pop culture equivalent to those mass produced homes that engulf farmland in urban sprawls; a type of Hollywood script formula that puts butts into seats at movie theaters near you with reliable consistency…

And men start believing that garbage is how to achieve their objectives with women. As my grandfather used to say to me: “How’s that working out for you so far?”

Popular media and pop culture demonstrates that nice guys can win women’s love if you’ll just hang around and do special favors for them over a long enough period of time. This simply is not the case because attraction is automatic. A Woman doesn’t use her conscious mind to figure out whether she’s attracted to a guy or not. She automatically feels attraction when a guy matches her idea of how attractive guys should behave. If you think you can “nice guy” your way into a woman’s pants or heart, you will be sadly mistaken.

"If You’re Successfull, Eventually she’ll Like You."

In addition, what you may have heard about the topic of dating and seduction so far (e.g. from your friends or maybe even from flirt guides, from seduction, relationship, or pick-up-coaches, and so-on…) is that the most important characteristics women are attracted to are things like being cool; having a fresh personality; being the most popular guy in school; being the most successful guy in your job; and the best case scenario; having a shiny car and the latest technical gadgets.

Movies, social media, and commercials suggest it’s important to “become successful” if you want to impress women. I.e. get good schooling, have a secure job in one of the so called premium companies, show regular income and financial stability overall.


"Dating & Seduction Is Hard Work."

A common teaching that pick-up students receive from their gurus is to have a regiment for approaching women. They learn they should be “approaching a XYZ number of women each day and attempt to get their phone numbers.”

This isn’t necessarily bad advice, yet it can morph into a dangerous exercise because that type of pressure leads (on average, for most guys) to subconsciously thinking it will be hard to date women; that seduction is associated with hard work and labor; that what you want from women is something they don’t want to give to you voluntarily. Then they internalize, without being conscious of it, seduction is NO FUN.

They may also internalize that it is no fun to learn the flirting dance as part of their lifestyle and natural expression of their authentic personality as something natural and pleasant. The objective is to integrate flirting into your life and learn to practice the art. In addition, if they fail to reach that arbitrary number of people they set to meet with, they begin to feel like they’re constantly failing which negatively affects their self-esteem.

Then you’ll realize women are enjoying themselves in your presence more which creates a positive experience for you to remember and make a part of your Self. For most guys The pick-up “machine” results in knocking the fun of playing the game by making it a chore.

Woman, that is about to get approached
Orlando Owen

Approaching Women: She Feels What You Think

I’m often paid to speak at events that teach guys how to create better relationships. When I accept the offer to speak, at some point during my talk I like to do a demonstration with two volunteers: one male and one female. The demonstration illustrates how a man’s thoughts affect a woman’s response to him. I start by bringing a guy up from the audience. Let’s call him “Frank.”

When Frank gets on stage – without the audience hearing it – I whisper in his ear the following: “You’re going to select a woman from the audience you think is attractive.” Then I announce to the audience our friend is going to select a woman from the group that he’s never met before. Frank scans the group, sees a lovely woman, points to her and she gets up to join us on the stage. Let’s call her, “Lillian.”

Then, I direct Lillian to stand on one side of the stage and Frank to stand on the other. I ask Lillian to turn her back to the crowd, Frank and me. Then I whisper in the Frank’s ear again: “In a moment I’m going to get you to introduce yourself to her… But before you go, think about what it would be like to have sex with her right now. Think about how her ass would pop out from those jeans and how it would feel cupped in your hand. Think about how it would feel to suck on her tongue and grab her body. Think about how it would feel to penetrate her… Are you thinking of that?” He nods “yes.”

I then address everyone in the room to pay very close attention. I say, “Lillian, you can turn around now. Frank, in a moment I’m going to ask you to introduce yourself to Lillian. All you’re going to do is walk up to her, shake her hand and say ‘Hi, my name’s Frank.’ You’re then going to walk back to where you are now. You got it?” He nods. “OK, Frank, introduce yourself.”

What happens next almost always happens in exactly the same way.

The moment Frank begins to approach Lillian, she is physically repelled backward. Her body literally begins to lean back and she folds her arms in front of her chest or places them in her pocket. When he says, “Hi, my name’s Frank.” She does the absolute minimum to reply. It’s clear that Lillian feels uncomfortable in Frank’s presence. I look to the audience and ask the females in the room to stand. I ask a couple of them how they felt when Frank approached Lillian. The answers are virtually unanimous: “I felt creeped out.”

The point of my live demonstration is to show the audience how men’s thoughts and intentions are broadcast from their mind into the minds of women. The guy doesn’t even need to say anything. Woman can pick up creepy vibes without you needing to utter a word. Also, those thoughts don’t need to be focused toward sexual outcomes either. Guys who place too much pressure on finding “The One,” come off as desparate and needy, and are equally as repulsive.

Your Intentions When You Are Approaching A Woman Make All The Difference

If you hold intentions toward women that are fuelled by lust, resentment, entitlement, attachment, anger, guilt, fear or hatred: those intentions overshadow EVERY interaction you have with them. That’s why cheesy pick-up strategies like scripts, clothes and props don’t work for most guys. They attempt to use those strategies without first addressing their inner-game issues with women.

It’s like spraying perfume onto rotten eggs and expecting the stench to disappear. For a moment the perfume covers up the funk. Then it creeps back in, making the place reek like rotten egg perfume. The only solution to get rid of that smell is to dispose of the eggs. That’s the very art of Inner-Game; when you’ve fully released impure intentions and “blocks” from your mind, you to stop doing pick-up (spraying perfume on rotten eggs) and you start being attractive to women… And the three parts of Authentic Male Power are the fastest way I know to eliminate those mental blocks, and replace them with supportive mindsets.

What Is Authentic Male Power?

The sadness and guilt I felt while reflecting on how much I dishonored and manipulated females for sex caused me to confront some hard-to-ask questions like:

  • “What makes a real man?”
  • What criteria need to be true in order for you to call yourself a Man?
  • How do you transition from being a little boy to access your true masculine power?
  • What makes a man of honor and greatness?

The answers lead me to Authentic Male Power (AMP). Think of AMP as an amplifier that, when you turn it on, you become like a magnet for the people, circumstances and things you want in your life.

The benefits of AMP go far beyond just getting laid. It makes you a successful man. It puts you in a position where you’re at cause of your reality, instead of being at effect to it. It enables you to truly win friends and influence people, as Dale Carnegie wrote.

If you want to direct your AMP toward sex… My friend… When you step into your Authentic Male Power, sex becomes as natural to you as the sun rises in the East. It’s a given. Likewise, if you want to direct your AMP toward a committed, long-term relationship with a woman you’re in love with, it will work to achieve that as well.

The Dials On Your AMP

There are three gages that enable you cultivate and increase your Authentic Male Power. Think of them like dials on an amplifier. When you increase the tone on any one of those dials it will impact the other two dial’s tone, while also changing the output from your AMP in a positive way. Those three dials are:

  1. Self-Esteem.
  2. Masculinity
  3. Vision and Purpose.

In the Article “Alpha Male Traits: With Women, Business & Life” I’m going to give you a brief overview of what each dial does. Read more about the 3 Traits here…

The Story Of Orlando Owen
Orlando Owen

From Chump To Natural Playboy: The Transformation of Orlando Owen

If you think about “being heterosexual” as a skillset, I’ve demonstrated a level of mastery most males will never attain. Meaning, I’ve been with (sex and relationships) hundreds of beautiful women.

Yet unlike the natural playboy, my success happened through an intense learning curve, full of heartache; defeat; disappointments and struggle.

While growing up, I was a typical AFC (Average Frustrated Chump… I hate that Alphabet soup, pick-up artist jargon).

Anyway, The thought of speaking to a beautiful woman turned my face white with fear. I was socially awkward. My self-esteem was so fragile the smallest comments I perceived as negative could cause a weeklong depression.

I felt inferior and jealous toward other men. I avoided social situations with women. When I did encounter a woman, my words seemed to disappear from my head. Overall I was sad, lonely and couldn’t see a way out.

By twenty years old, if I did have a girlfriend, the relationship always ended in less than three months, and a maximum of six.

Sex had two-steps. Step one: beg, and step two: hope.

In my mind’s eye I secretly held women’s needs, wants and desires above my own. I placed her on a pedestal. I felt powerless, wishing women would tell me what they wanted – for them to direct and lead the situation.

When "How To Get Laid" Became An Industry

Training on how to get laid or how to have success with women is a multi-million dollar industry now, but in the early 80’s it was not an industry at all.

There were no immersive workshops, “gurus”, or courses men could learn from to improve their pick-up game. There were a couple books, for instance, “How to Pick Up Girls” by Eric Weber.

Still, the mainstream idea of going to a seminar or being coached to become better with women was ridicules. If another guy found out you went to something like that – or even had an interest in the topic – you’d be the brunt of relentless badgering. However, the self-help industry was exploding like a firecracker. Hypnosis; Law of Attraction; Positive Thinking; NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming); The Silva Mind Method; EST training (which is now called The Landmark Forum); and many other modalities were available to improve your ability to get what you want.

Since I wanted women, I applied those Mind Stuff insights to the context of getting dates and getting laid.

The Trap Most Guys Fall Into When They Start

Somehow, I never fell into the all-too-common trap most guys fall into: tactical stuff.

Pick-up lines, props, body posturing and scripting sounded cheesy and manipulative to me. I intuitively knew if I could change my perception of myself – working on my inner game at the deepest level possible – I would be able to pick up girls, literally without thinking about it. I began running myself through mental, emotional and practical exercises (that I will share with you in the ReMasculation™ E-Mail Training), and steadily molded myself into a new man.

It wasn’t long before sex with one new woman each year turned to one each quarter. One each quarter turned to each month. One each month turned to one each week.

I got to the point where sex with a new woman became as easy as making a peanut butter sandwich. Super models; punker-tattoo babes; the girl-next-door-types; moms; sisters; daughters, aunts, whatever… I got their phone number; gained trust & rapport; built attraction; laid them and dropped them like a sack of spuds.

In a way, it was like I was getting revenge for years of rejection and inner suffering I felt in younger years. Sex became an addiction. I found myself transforming into a playboy, like a sex machine that would lie, cheat and steal – anything to bang a chick.

That behavior continued for years… And with every passing moment I became colder, unhappier, aggressive, and heartless. Worst of all: I got better at seduction, which further accelerated the cycle I was engaging in.

Then I Saw The Movie, Alfie…

The movie is about a limo driver who can have sex with practically any women he wants. The movie appears to be a comedy at first.

At the beginning I even laughed and said, “The story of my life, hahaha.” But the movie ends with Alfie standing alone with nothing in his life but a trail of broken hearts and failed relationships.

When the credits started to roll, I was left sitting on my couch in total silence. I began to cry like a schoolgirl with a skinned knee. My life was so similar to Alfie’s life that I couldn’t stand my own reflection.

The journey from Desperate Chump to Auto-Pilot Player came at the expense of my fulfillment in life. I stood like Alfie: sad, lonely. I was more frustrated than when women felt impossible to get.

You know that story of King Midas? He’s the guy who wished to turn everything he touched into gold. He starved to death.

You may like the appeal of being an Auto-Pilot Player, especially if you’re not getting laid. I mean, what guy doesn’t want the skill of seduction to be an automatic behavior?

However, if that skill comes at the cost of your happiness and fulfillment in life, are you prepared to make that exchange? If you are, just close this website right now. I don’t want to be responsible for harming you or the women you come in contact with.

Alternatively, what if you could have the positive benefits of being and Auto-Pilot Player yet not have the negative byproducts of feeling shallow, lonely and lost?

There is a way for you to have the best of both worlds. It’s called Authentic Male Power.

Do You Need To Remasculate Yourself?
Orlando Owen

Remasculate: Are You A Man that needs to remasculate himself?

When men look for “remasculate” or “remasculate myself”, they want one of those three things: more sex, a committed relationship, or to ignite (or reignite) a feeling of masculinity in their life.

Who This Website Is NOT For

I believe in some sort of higher power. Call it God, The Universe, The Oneness That Is Everything, whatever…

I believe this “source of all things” created humans as equals, in terms of their value on Earth. Meaning, ALL people on earth have an equal value regardless of their religion, sexual preference, belief systems, age, height, weight, color, or any sub-category demographic that could define a human.

That said; if you are a heterosexual female, gay male, lesbian, transsexual, bisexual or any variation in between, I cannot guarantee this website will help you in any way.

In fact, the information I share may fuel your resentment for men like me. ReMasculation™ is for heterosexual males who want to remasculate themselves and become attractive to women. I’m speaking to YOU and I will exclude everyone else because the tips I’ll share with you on this blog are based on my experience learning seduction.

If You Can Name What You Want, You Can Get It

I guarantee you one thing. If you learn what I share with you here and in the ReMasculation™ E-Mail Training, you will get what you want.

Whether you want more sex, a relationship, or a reignited sense of masculinity in your life. If you can name what you want, you will get it through ReMasculation™.

Claims like that make certain people angry. For instance, I believe feminism is a noble and worthy pursuit when it’s in the name of “equality for both genders.” Yet parts of the feminist movement have mutated into a sort of female superiority. To this certain breed of feminist, the notion of a man reading a book on how to seduce women is heresy and should be punishable by death… Or worse: social death and humiliation.

Feminism, and many other polarizing topics are some of the things I will explore with you in the ReMasculation™ E-Mail Training.

Everything I share is in the hopes it will help you on the journey of remasculate yourself as a man. If that bothers you, perhaps this website is not for you.

Which Type Of Guy Are You?

A master carpenter who’s worked on thousands of jobs is able to estimate how much time a new job will take. They also know which tools they should use to get the job done. Plus, if an unexpected problem arises, they know how accurately diagnose that problem and troubleshoot until it’s successfully resolved.

In the same way a carpenter notices the common patterns in woodworking based on years of their experience, I’ve observed patterns in teaching seduction based on mine.

The first pattern I’ve noticed is that there are 3 typical types of guy who seek dating and relationship advice. The second observation is that each type of guy has a set of problems he experiences with women that are unique to his type. Those problems are not exclusive to his type – any guy can have any set of challenges. However, certain problems are more typical for each type of guy and other ones are.

The Mid-Life Crisis Male

The guy who’s most senior to the others – who makes up about 25% of my audience – is typically between the age of 40 and 50. He recently had a painful separation or divorce. His emotional state is anywhere between just heart-broken to feeling like his entire life is caving in on him. Combine those factors with a mid-life crisis or even having lost his house; his car; his kids; whatever it is – these guys can feel pretty messed up and may not know how to cope through the time.

The Absolute Beginner

The youngest type of guy is between 18 and 25 years old. He is either still a virgin or at least has limited experience, particularly sexual experiences with women… Let alone a meaningful relationship.

Typically, none of their relationships with a woman has ever gone past a few weeks, and on the far side it’s six months. I don’t know why that is a magical number but I’ve seen it hundreds of times. In fact, a maximum of six months in a relationship was my personal experience as well.

So often I hear these guys say, “Yeah I was with this girl and everything went well. Then after four months X and Y happened and she dumped me.

In other words, she tested him. He passed like 70 or 80 or 90% of the tests but eventually failed a critical one and it killed the relationship.

After enough frustrating experiences, they discover PUA (Pick-Up Artist) training and begin using scripts, techniques and tactics to attempt to get girls into bed. Even that, however, isn’t the solution because deep down the guy knows he’s acting incongruent to who he really is.

Also, quality women can smell BS when a guy is using tactics to impress her. It’s like going to buy a car and you can feel the desperation from the salesman. Women feel the same vibe when guys are using PUA strategies.

A year and a half (I don’t know why that is but it takes an average of 18 months, pretty steadily holding) after they’ve gone through all the pick-up stuff, they’ve discover NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming), they discover a few other things… THEN one of two things happens. In a way, it’s like they’re standing at a crossroad and they have to make the choice between one and the other.

These guys will either realize their inner-game (thoughts, emotions, unresolved issues, purpose in life, etc.) is the real problem of his challenges with women, and at that point he’ll use deep-level inner-game work like mine… OR he’ll lower his standards and continue to use his manipulative tactics on dumber, poorer-quality women.

On the ladder: He becomes like the hungry, stoned teen, going into the supermarket, buying way more than he can ever eat, and stuffs his face with garbage. That’s when these guys go for the little airhead ladies, who wear the same dresses, or the skirts that barely covering their crotch, and high-heels… You know the look right?

You can go to Vegas or anywhere and you see thousands of those, they all look totally identical, like clone warriors.

Typically, the guys who don’t deal with their deep issues end up with some dumb girl who plays them. The sex is bad and from then on – since they didn’t preform well – they have internalized that and think their whole sex life will always be like that. It becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy, they become two-pump chumps and then now they have a sexual problem and insecurity to boot.

The Aimless "Dude"

The third type of guy is between an Absolute Beginner and mid-life turbulence. These men are what I call Middle Men, and are around 25 to about 38.

The middle ones are guys who already have either a college degree or maybe even higher education. Sometimes they don’t, but the relevant theme defining these guys is their biggest stumbling block: no (or little) vision or purpose in life.

They’ve settled into a default pattern, doing what they do because they’re used to it, not because that’s what they feel they’re destined to do.

Why This Website Is For You

You and I are likely more similar than we are different from one another. I have a special affinity in my heart for men who struggle to interact with women, because frankly I was one of those guys for a long time.

I know what it feels like to think, “What’s the point of talking to her? She’s out of my league. I’m not her type. I could never get a girl like that.”

I know what it’s like to not have the slightest belief that I could have a waiting list of beautiful women to date… Let alone to sleep with.

I started ReMasculation™ for you because it is my mission to help as many men overcome their relationship barriers as possible in my lifetime. More importantly, I want to show you how to do that in a way that honors women.

I want you to get what you want in a way that does not manipulate or harm women’s sacred femininity.

By stepping into your Authentic Male Power, you will influence with integrity. If it weren’t for men in my life who’s experience I learned from; I’d probably still be that lonely, sad guy who couldn’t bare the sight of himself in the mirror. Luckily I was able to learn how to succeed by learning from other men.

You found up this website because you want to attract women by design, not by default and I’m here as a bridge to guide you through that process in the most simple, direct method I know to do. Now is your time to step up, my friend.

When You Have Success With Women
Orlando Owen

Why You Don’t Need Pickup Artist Tips – And What To Do Instead

Guys who recently discovered Pickup Artist tips or the “dating advice & information industry”, virtually never argue with me when I say, “It’s your mindset and intention that determine your success or failure with women. It’s not the clothes you wear; the props you gain attention with, or the words your speak.

They almost always nod their heads in agreement.

THEN, they spend the next 18 months trying to attract women with new clothes, props and words, only to end up coming back to me and saying: “Orlando, I get what you told me before… These Pickup Artist tips aren’t working for me, man. I’m sick of this. Can you help me?

What's Really Making A Difference When You Meet Women

I created the ReMasculation™ Process for men who realize their inner-world (your thoughts, emotions, perception of your Self, etc.) is what really changes their ability to attract the women they desire.

More importantly I started the ReMasculation™ E-Mail Training for men who are willing to DO something about it.

If you realize that Pickup Artist tips, strategies and tactics are like putting a Band-Aid on a brain hemorrhage – that the real reason you’re not succeeding with women is psychological in nature – ReMasculation™ will help you.

Deep-level psychological shifts that enable you to naturally attract the women you want

That’s what you will learn at ReMasculation™.

As I mentioned, it takes balls to read this text. What I mean is two things.

One: ReMasculation™ is exclusively for men.
Two: a man’s inner-world takes a lot of courage to address.

Cultivating your inner-game to a point where women are magnetized to you is not an easy fix. The process can be scary and emotionally uncomfortable at times.

It’s not a quick fix either. It is however a deep and profound fix that will make your relationship problems remain in the past permanently once you gain this skill.