Orlando Owen

From Chump To Natural Playboy: The Transformation of Orlando Owen

If you think about “being heterosexual” as a skillset, I’ve demonstrated a level of mastery most males will never attain. Meaning, I’ve been with (sex and relationships) hundreds of beautiful women.

Yet unlike the natural playboy, my success happened through an intense learning curve, full of heartache; defeat; disappointments and struggle.

While growing up, I was a typical AFC (Average Frustrated Chump… I hate that Alphabet soup, pick-up artist jargon).

Anyway, The thought of speaking to a beautiful woman turned my face white with fear. I was socially awkward. My self-esteem was so fragile the smallest comments I perceived as negative could cause a weeklong depression.

I felt inferior and jealous toward other men. I avoided social situations with women. When I did encounter a woman, my words seemed to disappear from my head. Overall I was sad, lonely and couldn’t see a way out.

By twenty years old, if I did have a girlfriend, the relationship always ended in less than three months, and a maximum of six.

Sex had two-steps. Step one: beg, and step two: hope.

In my mind’s eye I secretly held women’s needs, wants and desires above my own. I placed her on a pedestal. I felt powerless, wishing women would tell me what they wanted – for them to direct and lead the situation.

When "How To Get Laid" Became An Industry

Training on how to get laid or how to have success with women is a multi-million dollar industry now, but in the early 80’s it was not an industry at all.

There were no immersive workshops, “gurus”, or courses men could learn from to improve their pick-up game. There were a couple books, for instance, “How to Pick Up Girls” by Eric Weber.

Still, the mainstream idea of going to a seminar or being coached to become better with women was ridicules. If another guy found out you went to something like that – or even had an interest in the topic – you’d be the brunt of relentless badgering. However, the self-help industry was exploding like a firecracker. Hypnosis; Law of Attraction; Positive Thinking; NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming); The Silva Mind Method; EST training (which is now called The Landmark Forum); and many other modalities were available to improve your ability to get what you want.

Since I wanted women, I applied those Mind Stuff insights to the context of getting dates and getting laid.

The Trap Most Guys Fall Into When They Start

Somehow, I never fell into the all-too-common trap most guys fall into: tactical stuff.

Pick-up lines, props, body posturing and scripting sounded cheesy and manipulative to me. I intuitively knew if I could change my perception of myself – working on my inner game at the deepest level possible – I would be able to pick up girls, literally without thinking about it. I began running myself through mental, emotional and practical exercises (that I will share with you in the ReMasculation™ E-Mail Training), and steadily molded myself into a new man.

It wasn’t long before sex with one new woman each year turned to one each quarter. One each quarter turned to each month. One each month turned to one each week.

I got to the point where sex with a new woman became as easy as making a peanut butter sandwich. Super models; punker-tattoo babes; the girl-next-door-types; moms; sisters; daughters, aunts, whatever… I got their phone number; gained trust & rapport; built attraction; laid them and dropped them like a sack of spuds.

In a way, it was like I was getting revenge for years of rejection and inner suffering I felt in younger years. Sex became an addiction. I found myself transforming into a playboy, like a sex machine that would lie, cheat and steal – anything to bang a chick.

That behavior continued for years… And with every passing moment I became colder, unhappier, aggressive, and heartless. Worst of all: I got better at seduction, which further accelerated the cycle I was engaging in.

Then I Saw The Movie, Alfie…

The movie is about a limo driver who can have sex with practically any women he wants. The movie appears to be a comedy at first.

At the beginning I even laughed and said, “The story of my life, hahaha.” But the movie ends with Alfie standing alone with nothing in his life but a trail of broken hearts and failed relationships.

When the credits started to roll, I was left sitting on my couch in total silence. I began to cry like a schoolgirl with a skinned knee. My life was so similar to Alfie’s life that I couldn’t stand my own reflection.

The journey from Desperate Chump to Auto-Pilot Player came at the expense of my fulfillment in life. I stood like Alfie: sad, lonely. I was more frustrated than when women felt impossible to get.

You know that story of King Midas? He’s the guy who wished to turn everything he touched into gold. He starved to death.

You may like the appeal of being an Auto-Pilot Player, especially if you’re not getting laid. I mean, what guy doesn’t want the skill of seduction to be an automatic behavior?

However, if that skill comes at the cost of your happiness and fulfillment in life, are you prepared to make that exchange? If you are, just close this website right now. I don’t want to be responsible for harming you or the women you come in contact with.

Alternatively, what if you could have the positive benefits of being and Auto-Pilot Player yet not have the negative byproducts of feeling shallow, lonely and lost?

There is a way for you to have the best of both worlds. It’s called Authentic Male Power.