Orlando Owen

Remasculate: Are You A Man that needs to remasculate himself?

When men look for “remasculate” or “remasculate myself”, they want one of those three things: more sex, a committed relationship, or to ignite (or reignite) a feeling of masculinity in their life.

Who This Website Is NOT For

I believe in some sort of higher power. Call it God, The Universe, The Oneness That Is Everything, whatever…

I believe this “source of all things” created humans as equals, in terms of their value on Earth. Meaning, ALL people on earth have an equal value regardless of their religion, sexual preference, belief systems, age, height, weight, color, or any sub-category demographic that could define a human.

That said; if you are a heterosexual female, gay male, lesbian, transsexual, bisexual or any variation in between, I cannot guarantee this website will help you in any way.

In fact, the information I share may fuel your resentment for men like me. ReMasculation™ is for heterosexual males who want to remasculate themselves and become attractive to women. I’m speaking to YOU and I will exclude everyone else because the tips I’ll share with you on this blog are based on my experience learning seduction.

If You Can Name What You Want, You Can Get It

I guarantee you one thing. If you learn what I share with you here and in the ReMasculation™ E-Mail Training, you will get what you want.

Whether you want more sex, a relationship, or a reignited sense of masculinity in your life. If you can name what you want, you will get it through ReMasculation™.

Claims like that make certain people angry. For instance, I believe feminism is a noble and worthy pursuit when it’s in the name of “equality for both genders.” Yet parts of the feminist movement have mutated into a sort of female superiority. To this certain breed of feminist, the notion of a man reading a book on how to seduce women is heresy and should be punishable by death… Or worse: social death and humiliation.

Feminism, and many other polarizing topics are some of the things I will explore with you in the ReMasculation™ E-Mail Training.

Everything I share is in the hopes it will help you on the journey of remasculate yourself as a man. If that bothers you, perhaps this website is not for you.

Which Type Of Guy Are You?

A master carpenter who’s worked on thousands of jobs is able to estimate how much time a new job will take. They also know which tools they should use to get the job done. Plus, if an unexpected problem arises, they know how accurately diagnose that problem and troubleshoot until it’s successfully resolved.

In the same way a carpenter notices the common patterns in woodworking based on years of their experience, I’ve observed patterns in teaching seduction based on mine.

The first pattern I’ve noticed is that there are 3 typical types of guy who seek dating and relationship advice. The second observation is that each type of guy has a set of problems he experiences with women that are unique to his type. Those problems are not exclusive to his type – any guy can have any set of challenges. However, certain problems are more typical for each type of guy and other ones are.

The Mid-Life Crisis Male

The guy who’s most senior to the others – who makes up about 25% of my audience – is typically between the age of 40 and 50. He recently had a painful separation or divorce. His emotional state is anywhere between just heart-broken to feeling like his entire life is caving in on him. Combine those factors with a mid-life crisis or even having lost his house; his car; his kids; whatever it is – these guys can feel pretty messed up and may not know how to cope through the time.

The Absolute Beginner

The youngest type of guy is between 18 and 25 years old. He is either still a virgin or at least has limited experience, particularly sexual experiences with women… Let alone a meaningful relationship.

Typically, none of their relationships with a woman has ever gone past a few weeks, and on the far side it’s six months. I don’t know why that is a magical number but I’ve seen it hundreds of times. In fact, a maximum of six months in a relationship was my personal experience as well.

So often I hear these guys say, “Yeah I was with this girl and everything went well. Then after four months X and Y happened and she dumped me.

In other words, she tested him. He passed like 70 or 80 or 90% of the tests but eventually failed a critical one and it killed the relationship.

After enough frustrating experiences, they discover PUA (Pick-Up Artist) training and begin using scripts, techniques and tactics to attempt to get girls into bed. Even that, however, isn’t the solution because deep down the guy knows he’s acting incongruent to who he really is.

Also, quality women can smell BS when a guy is using tactics to impress her. It’s like going to buy a car and you can feel the desperation from the salesman. Women feel the same vibe when guys are using PUA strategies.

A year and a half (I don’t know why that is but it takes an average of 18 months, pretty steadily holding) after they’ve gone through all the pick-up stuff, they’ve discover NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming), they discover a few other things… THEN one of two things happens. In a way, it’s like they’re standing at a crossroad and they have to make the choice between one and the other.

These guys will either realize their inner-game (thoughts, emotions, unresolved issues, purpose in life, etc.) is the real problem of his challenges with women, and at that point he’ll use deep-level inner-game work like mine… OR he’ll lower his standards and continue to use his manipulative tactics on dumber, poorer-quality women.

On the ladder: He becomes like the hungry, stoned teen, going into the supermarket, buying way more than he can ever eat, and stuffs his face with garbage. That’s when these guys go for the little airhead ladies, who wear the same dresses, or the skirts that barely covering their crotch, and high-heels… You know the look right?

You can go to Vegas or anywhere and you see thousands of those, they all look totally identical, like clone warriors.

Typically, the guys who don’t deal with their deep issues end up with some dumb girl who plays them. The sex is bad and from then on – since they didn’t preform well – they have internalized that and think their whole sex life will always be like that. It becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy, they become two-pump chumps and then now they have a sexual problem and insecurity to boot.

The Aimless "Dude"

The third type of guy is between an Absolute Beginner and mid-life turbulence. These men are what I call Middle Men, and are around 25 to about 38.

The middle ones are guys who already have either a college degree or maybe even higher education. Sometimes they don’t, but the relevant theme defining these guys is their biggest stumbling block: no (or little) vision or purpose in life.

They’ve settled into a default pattern, doing what they do because they’re used to it, not because that’s what they feel they’re destined to do.

Why This Website Is For You

You and I are likely more similar than we are different from one another. I have a special affinity in my heart for men who struggle to interact with women, because frankly I was one of those guys for a long time.

I know what it feels like to think, “What’s the point of talking to her? She’s out of my league. I’m not her type. I could never get a girl like that.”

I know what it’s like to not have the slightest belief that I could have a waiting list of beautiful women to date… Let alone to sleep with.

I started ReMasculation™ for you because it is my mission to help as many men overcome their relationship barriers as possible in my lifetime. More importantly, I want to show you how to do that in a way that honors women.

I want you to get what you want in a way that does not manipulate or harm women’s sacred femininity.

By stepping into your Authentic Male Power, you will influence with integrity. If it weren’t for men in my life who’s experience I learned from; I’d probably still be that lonely, sad guy who couldn’t bare the sight of himself in the mirror. Luckily I was able to learn how to succeed by learning from other men.

You found up this website because you want to attract women by design, not by default and I’m here as a bridge to guide you through that process in the most simple, direct method I know to do. Now is your time to step up, my friend.