Orlando Owen

What Is An Alpha Male

Become more masculine: What does man mean any at all?

Did you feel to have somehow spawned the “wrong side” with a woman before?

Only to have them, then a short time later another guy that apparently even more resembled a full post, a completely different side to present?

Come on, we should all know that or…? 😉

Being a real man is the basis, the Foundation on which builds your entire development as a man. Your success with women and in the life is a direct function of how much you discover this fundamental power in you and integrate this will be male.

Women respond to a real man immediately and INSTINCTIVELY. You may not otherwise!

Women want a man but what makes a man?

Women in truth have no “type” of man and they act contrary to their alleged scheme of prey with amazing regularity!

What women say to want what they want, what they sometimes believe and what they really want is rarely on the same sheet paper!

Women whether they admit it or not, whether they know it or not, never want the Nice in fact, dear women’s voices, who can deny every wish from their eyes!

In the long term, women want a man who knows where he's going in life - and where he can take with him the wife.

Women claimed that they wanted to capture a man and then have him all to her but often they let a man who enters into a relationship with them and is always there for them, so no challenge represents cold fall like a cat and motionless mouse.

But there are still very different things women are much, much more important as the appearances that make us men to the slaves of our shoot.

And these things all fall under the rubric of “Personality”.

His personality is the most attractive, what a man has to offer!

And to have lasting success is one of the fastest ways for women to work on your personality. To become more masculine is only the logical consequence.

Above all, it means male are you to deal with the following areas/topics:

  1. Your own male essence (see video above)
  2. The connection between your head, to restore your heart and your balls!
  3. Your life purpose and the vision of your life: you do what in your life? What are you going to leave for posterity?
  4. The mystery woman really understand learn (rather than a women reverse riser)
  5. Your self-value feeling to build from the ground up

… And this male can be a long way under certain circumstances.

Something innate, your birthright, you got put in the cradle is to be a real man!

Male is less something you do. It is something you have, something you are, what you are impersonating something!

Basically, it is as when Michelangelo, when he was asked how he created his magnificent marble statues:

“I’m not creating them”, he said. “The figures are long since part of the block of marble. I must remove only!”

Basically you need to learn how you can be male and this will be a real man. An Apple needs yes no lessons in it as he reached the ground when he falls from the tree.

That’s the good news…

BUT – and this is the bad, does not mean that you got to do 99 steps “just so” without straining to be a real man. The whole thing is non-linear.

For this reason I have developed an extremely extensive and this includes free E-Mail training, you can request it here:

Being a real man and naturally attract the women you want without fancy pickup techniques