Orlando Owen

Why You Don’t Need Pickup Artist Tips – And What To Do Instead

Guys who recently discovered Pickup Artist tips or the “dating advice & information industry”, virtually never argue with me when I say, “It’s your mindset and intention that determine your success or failure with women. It’s not the clothes you wear; the props you gain attention with, or the words your speak.

They almost always nod their heads in agreement.

THEN, they spend the next 18 months trying to attract women with new clothes, props and words, only to end up coming back to me and saying: “Orlando, I get what you told me before… These Pickup Artist tips aren’t working for me, man. I’m sick of this. Can you help me?

What's Really Making A Difference When You Meet Women

I created the ReMasculation™ Process for men who realize their inner-world (your thoughts, emotions, perception of your Self, etc.) is what really changes their ability to attract the women they desire.

More importantly I started the ReMasculation™ E-Mail Training for men who are willing to DO something about it.

If you realize that Pickup Artist tips, strategies and tactics are like putting a Band-Aid on a brain hemorrhage – that the real reason you’re not succeeding with women is psychological in nature – ReMasculation™ will help you.

Deep-level psychological shifts that enable you to naturally attract the women you want

That’s what you will learn at ReMasculation™.

As I mentioned, it takes balls to read this text. What I mean is two things.

One: ReMasculation™ is exclusively for men.
Two: a man’s inner-world takes a lot of courage to address.

Cultivating your inner-game to a point where women are magnetized to you is not an easy fix. The process can be scary and emotionally uncomfortable at times.

It’s not a quick fix either. It is however a deep and profound fix that will make your relationship problems remain in the past permanently once you gain this skill.