"Who the hell is this Orlando Owen?"

You might ask yourself:
Why should You listen to me?
“Who the hell is this Orlando Owen?
What qualifies HIM, to teach ME, how to attract women, be more successful in business and live a more fulfilled life!?”

Am I that extraordinary … ?
No. Quite the opposite:

The reason, I can help you, is that I once was a complete loser …
Probably far worse than you!

Maybe you are here, because the woman you loved left you.
Maybe you are here, because women in general give you the cold shoulder or just put you into their “friendzone”.
Maybe you don’t even dare to talk to them in the first place.

Wherever you are, you feel like you never really belong. You are the outsider, whom the “Tough Guys” – the bullies in school, the jocks on the football field, the alphas on the management floor – look down on.

When once the girls from your parallel class stuck their heads together … 
And when your female colleagues are whispering with slightly blushed cheeks …
You knew then as you know now:

They are NOT talking about YOU.

I know exactly, how that feels.

Orlando Owen as Virgin and NiceGuy

My teens were dominated by a feeling of deep frustration.
I lived in Germany at the time and was constantly sidelined and harassed as a “stupid American”.

I was nothing but a timid dreamer, insecure, “uncool” and unpopular. 

I rejected my fathers tough views on masculinity and evolved under the influence of my overwhelmingly female family into a soft, politically correct Nice Guy.

Now I actually had some female friends … But instead of taking serious interest in me, they just unburdened themselves to me about the “Bad Boys”.

And that is how it came, that with 21 years of age I was still a virgin – which was almost unbelievable in the early 80s.

At this moment I decided to change something.

The Begin of an incredible Journey

At this point in time the idea of learning, how to seduce women, was unthinkable …

Either you were good at it … or not!

But I wasn’t going to content myself with that. I vowed to do anything, to dissolve this issue once and for all!

I needed a fresh start. 

At 21 years of age I left my family and flew back to the country I once came from, the USA.

And so began a journey, I could not have imagined in my wildest dreams …

At the very day of arrival in the US, I met a 15 years older beauty, to whom within a few days I lost my virginity.

The spell was broken.

From Loser to Womanizer

Overcompensating vor my previous “Loser-Life” I soon became a Bad Boy and Womanizer. I started lying to women, cheating on them and using my seduction skills to define myself.

Hurting women was never my goal … it just happened.

And what was bound to happen, happened: My karma caught up with me. Promptly the first woman, I ever truly had feelings for, left me.

But I hadn’t learned the lesson. To the contrary: In order to numb my pain and inner void, I used women as a drug. And to prevent me from ever getting hurt again, I formed emotional barriers all around me.

Orlando Owen as a Photographer

Soon I had an even worse idea:
Only a few weeks after my break-up I met a successful model. What would hurt my ‘Ex’ more, than seeing me in the arms of an unusually attractive woman?

Without thinking twice I rushed into a fervent relationship with her and married her after only a few months.

I also liked to make use of her beauty, to distinguish myself in Californias photo and advertising industry – and succeeded! As a successful photographer with a supermodel for a wife and countless open relationships, women soon weren’t a challenge for me anymore.

But all the women, the money and the status could not fill the void within …
And in the end that shattered this relationship too.

I was searching again …

An Adventurer on the Scout

Without any purpose but the search for answers to my fervent inner questions I soon restlessly roamed North, Middle and South America.

I searched for fulfillment … I searched for something MORE.

I joined paramilitary forces, lived with shamans and healers, mercenaries and tribes, whores and priests.

I studied Tantra and Taoist sexual techniques with different grandmasters and dakinis, learned from hypnotists about the depth of the subconscious and set my foot into worlds, that are completely unknown to the normal modern man.


What impacted me more than anything else, were the different kinds of shamanic initiation rituals, I witnessed. There I experienced at first hand, that, in order to become a man, the boy inside must die! 

Initiations played a big role in every ancient culture and basically all tribal communities. They turn boys into men and give them identity, values and a direction in life.

But these rituals completely elude the intellect and instead target the subconscious, to achieve true transformation there … 
And to introduce a boy to the circle of men.

As shocking, brutal and frightening these initiations were, I intuitively understood, that I had found the missing piece of the puzzle.
It is the absence of these initiations, that had led to almost all my identity crises and in general to most problems of the modern man.

Leaving the Matrix

I felt like Neo, when he first left the Matrix.

So mercilessly had I witnessed the fundamental conditioning and non-authenticity of human existence.

There was no way back for me.
I felt the uncontrollable urge to wake people up and free them from this Matrix.
I moved to South Beach, Miami, and started giving workshops.
But strangely almost all participants were female. These women however had their own issues:
It wasn’t so much about missing initiation, but about sexual insecurities, deep feelings of guilt and the inability to experience orgasms …

So I lost track of what I had just started to realise.

Maybe I had found the female G-spot, the A-spot, the Ultra Deep Spot and the key to the feminin soul …
but I knew less and less, who I actually was …
not as a person, not as a man.

I needed a mentor.

Orlando Owens encounter with Steve Piccus

And one day I met him.
This man, known in the seduction scene as “Steve P.”, was a mix of Hell’s Angels biker and shaman. As an ultra-masculine Teacher, hypnosis and sex expert, he became my mentor for many years to come.

He showed me amazingly easy techniques, to release emotional barriers and even traumata, which didn’t react to traditional methods of therapy, once and for all.

I already knew from the shamans of Latin America, that these deepest of issues and limiting beliefs lie far beneath the level of intellect, and could therefore not be grasped – not to mention released – by reasoning.

But the elegance and effectiveness of Steve P’s methods were a new milestone in my development.

“You're not a real Man!”

One day a glamorous celebrity ice skater entered my life. She was about to test my not yet fully grounded masculinity to it’s core.

She brought “pushing your buttons” to perfection. She always knew, where it hurt the most. Therefore someday in anger she yelled to my face:
“You’re not a real man!”
… and with that effectively hit my weak spot.

Just when I thought, I was almost there, managed this woman with all her star power, to almost bring me to my knees.

The magical World of Sexual Trance

This time I had learned my lesson and left this glamorous but deeply unhealthy woman. 
From now on Steve and I started working closer and closer together.

Both of us knew many, in the west mostly unknown secrets about sexuality.
The combination of our methods – from massage and deep hypnosis, to the release of emotional barriers from the deepest tissues – resulted in a true breakthrough:

We entered the magical world of ‘Sexual Trance’, in which a woman will do anything, to get to the states of sexual ecstasis, that only a real man can open up for them …

Very soon we both realised, that there was no one else, who could produce similar results, anywhere.

But who takes care of the Men?

Slowly word got around to the men too. They had heard, that “Orlando Owens unconventional methods” might be able to help them too.

Soon more and more men came to me and wanted to know, how to better satisfy their partners and overcome their own sexual insecurities. 
But I wasn’t ready to make teaching them my life’s work. Too great were the distractions of my playboy life …

At this point I was interested far more in Ferraris, wild parties and beautiful women, than living a serious life as a coach and therapist. I had enough money anyway.

But that should change soon.

From Riches to Rags

Then, out of nowhere, came the total collapse.
As much as I had just thought, I would never have to work a day in my life again, as complete was my financial ruin. 

From riches to rags in 30 days.

But one disaster comes rarely on it’s own:

In the exact moment, that I was desperate to the point, of wanting to ask my parents for money … my mother died!

My father in his late stage of dementia would have probably not have recognised me anymore …

And when I, after a lifetime of roaming the world, without ever building a real social network, looked in panic for a foothold, I realised that I was all alone on this world …
There was nobody, who would help me now.

Between the Ashes of my Life

I left Vegas over night and returned to the Sedona desert, to somehow survive there.

My mothers unexpected death struck me deeply. As most men in our modern western society, I had never managed to really become independent of her …

Another strong hit took my ego. Without the power, the money, the cars and the glamorous parties, there was suddenly nothing external, I, Orlando Owen, could use to define myself.

Suddenly it also became more apparent the ever, that having sex with women didn’t satisfy me anymore. One night, after I slept with a woman, I really appreciated, but still felt empty and burnt out, I realised: 

I had never truly loved.

Helplessly I turned in circles, watching my world crumble all around me.

I stood alone between the ashes of my life.

Between Cactuses and Red Rocks

In order to somehow survive financially, I guided exhausting and dangerous jeep tours and dug trenches under the burning sun.
At night I wandered aimlessly through the Arizona desert.

I had hit rock bottom. My will to live came dangerously close to extinguishing multiple times.
But one night, when I actually came face to face with death on a far too reckless climb, I made a decision:
I would not give up.

Alone in rough nature and under the arduous backbreaking work, I discovered a never known vitality within me. And beneath the huge starlit sky it slowly dawned on me:

I had to loose everything first, in order to find myself.
This was the real initiation, I had spent my entire life searching for. Live brutally beat all my immature and self sabotaging patterns out of me.

“The boy must die!” … And between the red rocks of Sedonas ancestral land the boy within me died not one, but a thousand deaths.

A Dawn of Hope

With this understanding things started to make an almost magical turn to the better.
By an incredible happenstance my construction manager turned out to be my former teacher of hypnosis – one of the most knowledgable hypnotists in the entire world.

As a result I casually learned secrets of hypnosis and metaphysics, of which even I in all my training had never heard.

The death of my mother, which I still mourned, proved to be one of the most important steps for me in becoming a man and healing my relationship to women.

New Paths

In this time I didn’t only get to know myself very well, but developed an entirely new enthusiasm.

After exhausting work days, I sacrificed my last few hours of sleep, to culminate my hypnotic knowledge into my own method.

But it didn’t stop there: My inner fire was so strong, that I couldn’t stop creating content.
I wanted to find a way, to make the initiation process, that had taken me decades of endless pain, bioavailable for other people … 
Just enough, to turn uninitiated boys into real men …
leading them into new, magical worlds …

and reconnecting them to their real, authentic Power!


Like that I held my first workshops … in the end there were sometimes 10, sometimes 20 Dollar in my piggybank. But I had learned over the years to never underestimate a small beginning.

And so it happened:

My workshops filled themselves, the piggybank became bigger …
I met my wife and for the first time felt a kind of love, I could not have imagined earlier …
And a dusty corner room with 10 construction workers turned into a hall of 900 men …

My live had come full circle.
After decades of searching I, Orlando Owen, had finally arrived.

What now?

Out of all the experiences, teachings and methods, I accumulated on my way, I finally developed a complete and completely one-of-a-kind system:

The “ReMasculation™ Process

How the Remasculation Process can help you, to live a more successful and fulfilled life as a man, that I will tell you on the next site.